Brand Case Study: Coco Events Australia

Coco Events founder, Louise Winduss, came to Fuse Agency in June for help with her company branding. Formerly known as Coco Weddings and Events, Louise wanted to cater to a broader market, including corporate and professional functions as well as the smaller, intimate events that she was so well known for.

Branding Agency Case Study: Kids Kerfuffle

Kids Kerfuffle came to us through our partnership with Buzz Marketing, who tasked us with bringing the brand to life, starting with their logo. The brief was to appeal to kids and families and be fresh, fun and vibrant.

How To Tell A Story Through Advertising

It’s all about the art of storytelling. Every business wants to do their advertising better, right? Better ads mean more sales, lower costs, better engagement, and growth for your business. But there is an art to advertising these days which sets apart the best ads from the mediocre ones.