Influencer Marketing – What’s the State of Play in 2022?

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Influencer Marketing – What’s the State of Play in 2022?

By Samantha Brooks on 11 July, 2022

The whirlwind rise of the Social Media Influencer has been an incredible trend to observe over the last decade as they have solidified their legitimacy as a valuable marketing tool.

At the core of this rapid rise to dominance is the growing sentiment amongst consumers that brands (and even traditional celebrities) are not worthy of their unconditional trust. Those who are, however, are the people they’ve grown to connect with and support online and with whom they have formed a personal relationship. This has the Influencer Marketing industry set to grow to approximately $16.4 billion by the end of this year – a figure that is almost unfathomable!

If you are a business looking to harness the power of digital influencers, we understand that delving into this world can be daunting, so here’s a little breakdown into the state of influencer marketing in 2022:

What influencers expect from brands 

When reaching out to an influencer with a partnership in mind, it’s important to approach them in a way that meets their expectations. Remember, the best brand collaborations function as a two-way street – you want what’s best for your brand, and they want what’s best for theirs.

Assure them that you are offering both the benefit of an improved relationship with their followers and a strong partnership with plenty of room to expand and develop. For an influencer relationship to last, it’s important to maintain positive, professional communication, and foster a relationship built upon trust and transparency.

With this in mind, you must approach the situation with a game plan. Prepare a solid and comprehensive marketing strategy prior to outreach, and as you continue communication, be sure to mutually adjust as required.

When it comes to compensation, however, everyone is different. Last year saw a notable increase in brands paying money to influencers – and there is now an equal split between monetary payment and compensation with free products. Expectations for payment will range broadly depending on the type and size of the influencer, so enter these discussions with an open mind.

What consumers are expecting from influencers

Once you’ve come to an agreement with your influencer/s of choice – it’s then important to form content that suits the expectations of their followers.

Followers are expecting trustworthy reviews and recommendations from the public figures that they trust, so avoid misleading messaging at all costs.

It’s also important that the influencer can express themselves in a way that is genuine and in their own voice, so try to alter any script or brief to match their brand image. Consumers will see right through promotional content that seems unnatural, which will result in lowered trust for both your brand and your chosen influencer. Choose your words wisely!

The content will largely depend on both the platform and the influencer’s audience, so there is no be-all-end-all content creation strategy. Stick to the key message that you are trying to get across for your brand, and form creative execution around it accordingly.

Looking to the Future of Influencer Marketing

Last year, LinkedIn launched a new function, Creator Mode, which is aimed directly at professionals seeking a foothold in the influencer world. This mode allows business leaders to leverage their expertise and be intentional about building community on the platform.

If relevant, this could be an exciting new opportunity to leverage the reach and expertise of LinkedIn influencers in their respective industries and develop cross-promotional partnerships that take advantage of the platform’s potential.

TikTik looks set to gain an even bigger share of the pie as the platform is gaining in cross-generational appeal. Not to be left behind, the Metaverse has launched Instagram Collabs, which opens up a new way for brands and influencers to tap into each other’s engaged audiences.

All in all, it’s difficult to predict exactly where influencer marketing will take us in the future, but brands will need to ensure their online partnerships are creative enough to differentiate them in the digital space.

How we can Help…

At Fuse, our marketing team is across all things social – including the management of influencer sourcing, outreach, and campaign management. We’ll find influencers catered specifically to your brand, stick to your budget, manage relationships, and devise content so that you too can reap the benefits of this explosive marketing trend!

If you need help navigating the crazy world of influencer marketing in 2022, reach out to our team today at or 3198 4890.

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