Setting your Business Up for Success on LinkedIn!

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Setting your Business Up for Success on LinkedIn!

By Samantha Brooks on 9 May, 2022

LinkedIn is an often-overlooked platform for several small businesses, who tend to focus their energy toward more prominent sites like Instagram and Facebook. Of course, not all platforms are relevant to every business. However, LinkedIn should be your go-to site for establishing professional connections that facilitate growth.

Here is Fuse’s Guide to harnessing your LinkedIn strategy to maximise your business’ industry connections and success on the platform!

Optimise your Account

First things first, you should be utilising all the features that LinkedIn offers to build a thorough business profile. Be sure to use all attributes to your advantage, highlighting the key features of your company whilst remaining consistent with your core branding.

Once you’ve optimised your account, you’ll need to focus your efforts towards establishing your network. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Improve your SEO by incorporating keywords throughout your profile
  • Ask employees to engage with your company’s content to maximise reach
  • Request testimonials and recommendations from workers and valued clients

Post Tailored Content

As with all social media strategies, content posted to LinkedIn should be specifically catered to the site. Being a professional platform, the majority of a business’ content should remain industry-related with a professional tone of voice. However, be sure to maintain your core brand voice, and avoid pretending to be something that your business is not.

LinkedIn also provides a great opportunity to offer a sneak peek behind the scenes of your business, establishing your company within your given industry by providing insight into your daily operations. This content performs exceptionally well on the platform, as LinkedIn is primarily B2B, after all.

Here are some tips for your LinkedIn content:

  • Incorporate hashtags within content to improve reach
  • Know your audience – tailor content to your network and what they would like to see on their feed
  • Post inspirational content that is easily shareable

LinkedIn offers a variety of features that allow you to cater content to a professional audience, so be sure to use them to your advantage. For example, LinkedIn Live is a relatively new feature that allows you to live stream to your audience whenever and wherever you wish. According to LinkedIn, live videos on the platform get 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native videos from the same broadcasters.

Make the most of this feature to encourage real-time engagement through live Q&A sessions and interviews with industry experts. You could even use it to broadcast live events and product launches.

Another fantastic feature on LinkedIn are Polls, allowing you to interact with your audience through a fun format. This is a great way to drive quick engagement and also gain valuable insights into your connections. Utilise this feature to get your audience involved!

Network, Network, Network!

Once you’ve established your presence on LinkedIn, it’s time to expand your network as much as possible. This takes frequent engagement with industry-related content, so be sure to allocate time daily to peruse the latest content in your feed.

If you’re looking to expand your network, these tips are vital:

  • Send frequent invitations to connect
  • Share others content to nurture relationships
  • Join industry-relevant groups to post and engage within

Post Blog Content

Blog posts are a great way to legitimise your presence on LinkedIn – encouraging responses and shares from your network. As mentioned previously, the industry-related content receives great reception on this platform, given its professional nature.

More often than not, your consumers aren’t visiting your website to read your blog. As such, posting this content to LinkedIn, where you have an audience of like-minded people at your fingertips, is a great way to increase your reach.

Promote your LinkedIn on Other Channels

Finally, it is important to consider promoting your account through your other communication channels. Reach your clients in existing places to drive connections! Here are some top places to promote your LinkedIn profile:

  • Emails and email signature
  • Other social media platforms
  • Website
  • Blog posts

We hope these tips have helped you reflect upon your current LinkedIn strategy, or have inspired you to start one!

It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is constantly adding new features and updates so it’s recommended that you stay on top of them and adapt your strategy as needed to make the most of the available features. For the latest 2022 features, head here.

We always recommend conducting research before implementing a strategy, and there are plenty more fantastic resources out there to help you get a head start. We found this article and this guide contained some great tips as a starting point!

If you need help getting your LinkedIn profile optimised for industry connections, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team! Contact us at or 3198 4890.

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