The Fuse 2022 Guide to Instagram Reels Content

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The Fuse 2022 Guide to Instagram Reels Content

By Samantha Brooks on 8 June, 2022

If you haven’t realised the power of video content on Instagram these days, you really are missing out! In the age of TikTok and fleeting attention spans, short video clips are a powerful way to cut through the clutter of your audience’s Instagram feeds and boost your engagement!

In 2020, Instagram rolled out the Reels feature, which allows users to upload up to 60-second videos with popular songs or ‘sounds’. What’s special about Reels is that not only are they posted to your account and thus shared with your followers, but they are also shared to the Explore and dedicated Reels page – allowing your content to reach endless users that are within your target audience.

As you can imagine, Reels have now become an integral part of growing your Instagram presence. So, we’ve compiled a list of hints for getting those creative juices flowing for your video content!

1. Hop on the Trends

One benefit to this feature being so similar to TikTok is that trends often carry over to Instagram. Keep your eye on TikTok trends, and hop on them ASAP! Different trends can be moulded and changed to suit all sorts of situations, so think out of the box when reviewing the latest ‘sounds’, effects, challenges, dances, and filters!

It’s a great idea to repurpose some of your TikTok content to Reels if possible, but be sure that it is tailored to an Instagram-based, more Millennial-skewed audience. This article has some great tips for how to get started with Trend-based content.

2. Include Closed Captions

A whopping 56% of Instagram users have revealed that they ‘sometimes’ view stories without turning their sound on – we can only imagine the stats for their regular feed! Alas, do not disregard the power of Closed Captioning.

Not only is this an inclusive solution to sharing your video material with a diverse audience, but it will assure that users viewing your reels without sound aren’t missing out on your message. Pop CC’s within your regular caption, and embed them within your Reels, for improved engagement!

3. Repurpose Existing Video Content

This is a great idea for when you’re first starting to get a feel for this feature.

Utilise existing video content (from YouTube, your website, etc.) and reformat the video to fit with Reels. Add on a popular ‘sound’, trim it to the necessary time frame, and get your Reels tab started!

Be sure to only upload vertical, high-resolution videos – or Instagram will likely not push this content out to new audiences.

4. Behind the Scenes Content

These days, audiences on Instagram are seeking authenticity from the brands they follow. Reels can be a great platform to showcase behind-the-scenes content without interrupting your usual grid posts.

Time-lapses, day in the life, product packaging, and product unboxing continue to perform particularly well on this platform. Give them a go!

5. Keep Content Fun, Light-hearted, and Creative!

The best piece of advice we can give you is to have fun with Reels! Your audience can see right through companies who post content for the sake of it, so don’t force content that you aren’t invested in. When it’s clear to viewers that you have put thought behind the creative process and execution, it will be reflected within your engagement!

If you need help getting started with Reels, there are some great resources (like this one) out there to help! As social media experts, the Fuse Team is also always available to lend a helping hand with your video content and Instagram strategy. Contact us at or 3198 4890.

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