Content Marketing

In the age of digitalisation, a content marketing strategy is an essential part of any business’ growth.  After all, ‘content is king’.

What is Content Marketing?

A well-crafted content marketing strategy focuses on developing a narrative for a business that goes way beyond the product they sell. Content marketing focuses on ways to engage an audience, using content across various channels to drive profitable consumer behaviours. Tactics such as business blogs and ebooks can position your company as a leader in your market, or a thought-leader in your industry.

A social media content plan should also form part of your content marketing strategy. Social media has redefined the way humans communicate, allowing people to interact, share interests and stay connected 24/7. While Facebook is the largest social network with over a billion users, other rapidly growing platforms such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are also providing a much wider reach.

How can we help?

It takes time to find new creative ideas and generate fresh content regularly, so that’s where Fuse can help. We’ll design and implement a content marketing strategy that engages audiences across various channels and starts conversations. This in turn will build your brand’s online presence and reputation. We expertly craft written content that is not only reader-friendly, but also inclusive of keywords that will be picked up by search engines; hence helping your SEO rankings and driving traffic to your website.

Clients who have engaged us to help with their social media and/or blog-writing include Recon Solutions, Health Industry Training, Cap Security, AndersenIT, Bird’s Nest Restaurant, and documentary, I am Heath Ledger.

We specialise in the following areas of content strategy:

  • Social Media schedules, all platforms
  • Copywriting, all items
  • Blog writing
  • Social Media advertising, all platforms
  • Social Media promotions and competitions

If you have a question and want to get in touch, contact us or call us 07 3198 4890. If you are interested in keeping up to date with Fuse, subscribe to our enews.