Social Media Shutdowns – Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

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Social Media Shutdowns – Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

By Samantha Brooks on 20 January, 2022

Back in November of 2021, handmade cosmetics giant Lush made the bold decision to boycott all social platforms and deactivate their online accounts for the second time. 

Critiqued heavily by digital marketers worldwide, it was made clear that the British company was dedicated to making a stance against the detrimental effects that social media has on the mental health of youth. 

Now, just some months later, the results of this tactic have proven that taking considerable stances against timely topics can greatly contribute to brand image and consumer loyalty  – particularly when the core value of the cause aligns closely with that of the target audience. 

Sure, social media blackouts create buzz within online and offline communities – but is the risk of losing relevance worth the reward?

Given the immense value that social media provides businesses, the decision to abandon accounts is an incredibly precarious one. However, many marketing experts believe that this may be an upcoming fad within the digital marketing industry. Trend-setting brands such as Balenciaga, KKW Cosmetics, and Louis Vuitton led the way throughout 2021, wiping their online accounts of all content, which actually amounted to great success when they eventually re-entered the digital sphere.

In a time where scarcity and exclusivity are largely sought after by digital consumers, this strategy may actually pay off – just as it did for its trailblazers. Of course, it would need to be executed in such a way that assured a flawless transition from online to offline, and then back to online when the time comes. This would involve keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience’s response, to assure that your brand would not be losing relevance or engagement. 

What does this mean for my business?

For businesses that aren’t globally recognised, such extreme measures likely do not need to be taken in order to create this effect. Depending on the particularities of your core digital objectives, it may be more of a case of quantity vs. quantity. When online platforms have been constantly inundated with information for several years now, taking a ‘less is more’ approach may actually set your brand apart from the noise. In this case, digital blackouts or content-wiping may only need to be employed in the face of rebranding or product launches to create hype. 

Ultimately, these extreme decisions reveal interesting insights into upcoming digital marketing trends for 2022. Perhaps it’s time for many businesses to revisit their current social media strategies, to adjust to the ever-changing consumer desires.

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