5 Reasons You Need a Blog Strategy

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5 Reasons You Need a Blog Strategy

By Samantha Brooks on 23 June, 2021

Adding blog posts to your website may feel like a chore, but there are many benefits to an effective blog strategy. The beautiful thing about a blog? They provide benefits long after publishing. Here are our top 5 benefits to a solid blog strategy.

1. Establish yourself as an industry expert

Creative, well-written, and informative blogs for your industry will allow you to establish yourself as an authority on your focus topic/s, encouraging a sense of trust and expertise. A sense of authority in your brand will become valuable in the consumer decision-making process.

Although the posts can be related to all kinds of topics in your industry, it’s important to keep in mind the key needs or challenges of your ideal audience. Use a tone of voice that they will respond to, and prompt them to reach out to you for a solution. If you can solve these challenges through high-quality content, you’ll increase your authority and brand awareness.

2. Building your brand awareness

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to develop your brand and create awareness. Not only does scheduled posting and cohesive strategy display a powerful and united brand image, you can also make clear in your blog posts who you are, what you stand for and who you seek to help.

In your strategy, you can identify how you want to incorporate key points into your content, ensuring that your readers can quickly recognize how you could potentially help them with one of their key challenges.

3. Engage your audience

Having a blog for your business allows you to take part in discussions that are important and relevant to your industry, and attract people who are interested in these discussions. Communicating with your target market in this way will increase the likelihood that they will continue to engage with your business, ultimately shaping the future of your company.

To ensure your blogging efforts foster this level of engagement, they should be strategic and intentional. Don’t hesitate to provide your perspective on the issues or trends you choose to discuss, as this will ensure your content is unique. Additionally, there is a chance that the people who read your content and resonate with it will also share it.

4. Create opportunities for sharing and cross-platform content

Blogging can also make you more discoverable via social media. The articles you write have the ability to be shared on social media platforms by those who read them, so they can be seen by a new audience who, prior to reading one of these shared blog posts, is not yet aware of your brand.

Your blog content does not have to be separate from your social media content. In fact, the two should support each other. Snippets of your blog posts, or links to whole articles, can be incorporated into your social media posts. Therefore, your blog provides more content for your social media, and your social media drives more visitors to your blog.

5. Increase your organic web traffic

When your blog features articles that are relevant to other companies in your industry, particularly to the industry leaders, your articles are more likely to be referred to and linked to on other websites. These are inbound links, and they are also valuable as they are believed to be one of the most important factors in search engine optimisation.

Using keywords in your blog posts can also increase your search engine optimization, as this will increase the likelihood that your content will appear higher in the list of search engine results your target audience are given when searching for topics related to your brand. This will create a positive impression in the minds of your target audience, and can increase the number of people who read your blog.

When it comes to blogging, publishing more blog posts will increase the number of benefits you receive. It is also important to remember that blog posts shouldn’t just promote your brand, but should focus on providing valuable and engaging content to your target audience. By being aware of and remembering the value that a blog can bring to your business, committing to the process becomes easier.

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